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and what is Culture for you?


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Welcome to the online participative magazine of Matera.

You are invited to have fun in creating contents!

Aarhus speaks Materano!

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You are making the content!

Here you can find different ways to contribute to the magazine

and proposing new ones!


MAGMAT is an experimental project,

result of a MA Thesis made in Denmark from an Italian student.


This magazine is dedicated to the citizens of Matera,

but it aims to become a platform where all past, present and future

European Capitals of Culture can meet.


Matera is well known for its hospitality and its vivid atmosphere.

So begin now to plan your party for 2019 and share it with other people!


Matera is special, as well as its inhabitants.


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What is Culture?

May 2017

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Just to know...

Next European Capital Culture

in Italy will happen in 2033!

Isn't that crazy?

Being a European Capital of Culture is an excellent opportunity for regenerating cities, raising the international profile and enhancing the image of cities in the eyes of their own inhabitants.

Write to:

Being a European Capital of Culture means creating a sense of belonging to a community.

This is an instrument to communicate with people from other ECOCs.

Start a dialogue with them, ask or give suggestions.

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